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HDTV Surveillance Software

  ∙  View up to 16 HDTV cameras @ up to 30 fps 
  ∙  Recording over 240 fps @ 1,920 x 1,200

The world’s fastest IP-video systems from Arecont Vision are based on proprietary massively-parallel MegaVideo™ technology and take advantage of unique functionality unavailable with analog cameras.

megapixel network cameras

Complementing its line of megapixel cameras Arecont Vision offers flexible video surveillance system software AV100 that supports full motion real-time HDTV multi camera viewing and policy-based HDTV digital archiving, remote access, as well as automatic identification and configuration of all installed cameras.

In addition to standard functions like remote multi-user browser-based access to live and archived footage, AV100 surveillance software also supports post-event zooming from digital archives, simultaneous viewing of full field of view and multiple zoomed images from the same camera using multi-streaming feature of AV cameras, as well as instantaneous multi-user electronic pan, tilt and zoom.

megapixel network cameras

AV100 Software Specification

Video Display

Multi Camera Views

Up to 16 cameras at full motion frame rates


View video in full, half and quarter resolution modes

Maximum Resolution

Up to 2592x1944 full screen single camera display

Frame Rate

Up to 30 fps @ 1280x1024(Depending on CPU speed)

Multi Streaming

Simultaneously stream and view multiple cameras in reduced resolution mode while also viewing full resolution zoomed windows from the same cameras (up to 4 zoomed windows from each camera transmitted as separate video streams)

Ip Cameras / Network cameras / Security Cameras / video surveillance

Video Archiving

Policy-Based Recording

Specify archival frequency for each camera or limit recording to images containing motion

Recording Frame Rate

Over 240 fps @ 1920x1200 resolution

Motion Detection

Specify multiple detection windows, motion sensitivity and minimum moving object size for each camera

AVI Video Maker

Create AVI video clips from archived footage

Multi-Disk Recording

Specify disk and directory for archiving of each camera


Interactive zoom during playback, playback in full or reduced resolution; synchronized playback of multiple cameras at the same time, playback all frames or only frames that contain motion, forward, fast forward and backward playback, find recorded events by date, time or motion, single frame stepping, export individual jpeg images

Remote Access

Browser-based access

Access video remotely via IE browser

Remote Viewing

View live video from one or multiple cameras in full or reduced resolution

Remote Zoom

Multiple authorized users can request zoomed video and independently perform PTZ for each camera

Multi-System Access

Access multiple video clusters from the same web page



Three levels of password-protected access: full control, viewing of live and archived footage or live monitoring only

Remote Viewing

Password protected remote access with access via user-selectable port


Automatic installation of all connected cameras. AV cameras are automatically identified and configured to use IP addresses available in local network

Language Support

English, Japanese and Russian, Korean


All Arecont Vision cameras: AV1300, AV2100, AV3100 and AV3130

Software Development Kit

Free SDK for Linux and Windows platforms allowing easy integration of high resolution video into third party systems